some agents are taking a fit, ric bucher's take on that


i liked this quote When the negotiating committees began exchanging proposals in earnest last week, several league sources assured me it was a matter of when, not if, a deal would be struck. Some even suggested the owners already have much of what they want and are simply looking at how much they can squeeze out of the players at this point.

wade yells at $tern, more talks saturday


While meeting with the owners, Stern pointed at Wade while making a comment, a source told Broussard. Wade felt as if Stern was belittling him and yelled at the commissioner.

Oh, These Poor, Billionaire Owners


Don't be fooled by the whiny guys who own NBA teams.

NBA 2K12: You're doing it wrong


The NBA 2K12 player ratings just got leaked. And Dirk's rated 85.

new meeting tuesday if this source is correct it it might mean good news


The owners agreed to try to come up with a mechanism to solve their issues without adding a hard salary cap before the next meeting, according to the source. The owners, who have claimed they lost $300 million last season, have been seeking a hard cap -- a condition the players have been unwilling to accept. the players are not going to budge on the hard cap as far as i can tell, would be nice if the owners started compromising

On a night when you guys will all be cheering against me (Skins!) I figured we could share this...


On a night when you guys will all be cheering against me (Skins!) I figured we could share this little video and all cheer for my hero, Jason Kidd.

What would you say about contraction in the NBA?


My opinion, the Mavs are here to stay. Check out what the other SBNation bball bloggers thought about their own teams. What do you guys think about contraction?

Who Are The NBA's Most Valuable Mid-Range Shooters?


Golden State of Mind found Dirk to be the best. Welcome to our world, friends!

NBA Officially Cancels 43 Preseason Games, Delays Start Of Training Camp


Well that's a damn shame, though I think we all knew it was coming. Thoughts? Feelings? Predictions?