Dirk is the 5th best player in the league according to ESPN rankings


What do y'all think about this? He's number 1 in my book!

A Compilation of Monday's NBA Fan Voice Links


Keep 'em coming. As long as there's a lockout, we need things to read!

100 Reasons Why This Year's Season Would Have ROCKED


The always funny Andrew Sharp nails this one on the head, so to speak. Lots of great Dirk/Mavs references in there.

Care To Hear From Stern Himself? Listen In...


David Stern is going to be on WFAN with Mike Francesa today at 3:00pm CT.

NBA Lockout: Lock-In


A video featuring Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion and Kevin Love from FunnyOrDie... The guys are desperate.

Encouraging Sign in Last-Minute Negotiations...


"In one small but encouraging sign in the last-minute negotiations between the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association on a new collective bargaining agreement, a source who has been briefed on the discussions between the two sides said Monday afternoon that the sides are close to an agreement on one "system" aspect that has proven troublesome -- a new, shorter mid-level exception for free agents."

It's Looking More and More Eh... C'mon, NBA. Get It Together.


The talks essentially fell apart today, meaning we could lose the first two weeks of the regular season by Monday. COME ON.