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Jason Kidd cost the Mavericks Game 2 with poor coaching

Coaching can win or lose games.

The Mavericks missed shots snowballed into a lopsided defeat in Game 1 against the Warriors

Dallas couldn’t get much done with an awful shooting night

It’s time to give Spencer Dinwiddie his flowers

Spencer Dinwiddie just played the best game of his career. Let’s talk about it.

The Dallas Mavericks deserve to be in the Western Conference Finals

There appears to be a sense that the Suns simply collapsed on their own, but that is not true

There’s only one question left for these Dallas Mavericks — why not them?

The Mavericks are past the fun, plucky underdog story.

A History of the Dallas Mavericks in Game 7’s

A breakdown of all the previous Game 7’s in Dallas Mavericks history.

The Mavericks have enjoyed a distinct coaching advantage in the playoffs

Jason Kidd is proving his many doubters wrong

The unbearable weight of hardcore fandom

For one quasi writer, the feelings surrounding Game 7 have been overwhelming

Luka Doncic is becoming the Trevon Diggs of the NBA

Luka still gets attacked, but he is making plays of his own

Jalen Brunson is outplaying the point god

This series began as a struggle for Brunson, but he is passing this test with flying colors

The Mavericks turned up the pressure against the Suns to force Game 7

Dallas defense prevailed once again to keep the series alive

The Mavericks offense dried up in Game 5

Dallas looked like an exhausted team in Game 5 and tired teams make mistakes

The Mavericks are no longer an underdog against the Suns

Through four games, it’s clear the Mavericks belong in this series

The Mavericks forced Chris Paul into 7 turnovers on his birthday

Blowout the candles and make a wish

When it mattered most, the Mavericks defense saved the season

Dallas made some adjustments and got the necessary good fortune to keep the series against Phoenix alive

The Mavericks have their backs against the wall as the series shifts to Dallas

Through two games, the Suns are showing that they are the best in the West

The Mavericks must adjust to the Suns

Jason Kidd coached a fantastic season, but he must be better in this series

Spencer Dinwiddie is not Jalen Brunson insurance

The newest Maverick might be best suited as the third guard in the playoffs.

Game 1 quickly showed how the Suns are a different beast for the Mavericks

Dallas is no longer able to exploit easy matchups against weak defenders

The Mavericks know they’re the underdogs against the Suns

Dallas faces its biggest challenge of the season.

For Jalen Brunson, the real test is yet to come

Brunson was fantastic against the Jazz, but the Suns provide a different test

Utah’s final shot in Game 6 could have redefined Spencer Dinwiddie’s performance

Dinwiddie chipped in an efficient 19 points in the win.

How to buy tickets for the Dallas Mavericks playoff run

The ticket buying experience can be a nightmare but there are ways to improve

The Mavericks unleashed the small ball lineup to save Game 6

Dallas moves to the second round for the first time since 2011 thanks to a major halftime adjustment

Donovan Mitchell credits Dorian Finney-Smith’s defense for his offensive struggles

Dorian is putting the clamps on Donovan

The Mavericks Game 5 win against the Jazz showcased the gap between both teams

Dallas had all the answers after Game 3 and nothing has changed

The Dallas Mavericks must continue to attack Donovan Mitchell

The Mavericks cannot let the Jazz star off the hook

Josh Green knocked down his shots and it changed Game 3

Green finally heard that sweet string music

The Mavericks have all the answers against the Utah Jazz

After a rousing Game 3 win, Dallas appears to have the tactical advantage

Reggie Bullock and Dorian Finney-Smith have been the unsung heros of the Mavericks-Jazz series

The "three and D" wings have provided a ton of both

Mavericks clutch play is the path forward

Key plays in the final five minutes are a blueprint to how the Mavericks can win games in this series.

Maxi Kleber breaks out of shooting slump, erupts for 25 points in Game 2

It was the second-most points he has ever scored