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Talking Bucks with Brew Hoop

Eric Buenning of Brew Hoop was kind enough to answer some questions about the Bucks before they take on the Mavs.

Things are looking up for the Bucks
Things are looking up for the Bucks
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Bucks are surprising a lot of people this season. Their record stands at 11-10 going into Sunday night's game and they are third in the Central Division. What are the realistic expectations for this team going forward?

I think we'll have a much better understanding of who this team is after December. The Bucks had one of, if not the softest schedule in November, and their December schedule is almost the total opposite. Their next seven games are against the Western Conference, and 10 of their 15 games this month are on the road.

All that being said, the Bucks have been playing pretty consistently through mixed results, and there isn't any reason to believe, at least right now, that that will change. Will it lead to a decent number of wins and a playoff berth? I still have my doubts, but I think their style of play and energy levels can remain mostly sustainable.

Recently, Jason Kidd has been accused of stifling Jabari Parker's development by limiting his minutes. What's the story behind this and what's your take on the situation?

I don't buy this assessment. The story behind this is that Kidd is hoping to help Parker (and Giannis, and everyone else) not develop bad habits. He's still averaging nearly 30 minutes a game, and has shown signs of improvement already. Jabari also seems to be on board with this and has stressed numerous times about establishing good habits on both ends, so I don't think this is much of an issue at all.

In that same vein, what have you liked and disliked about Kidd's coaching in his first year with the Bucks?

I've been impressed with how quickly Kidd seems to have gotten everyone on board with his plan. The players seem to respect him and have played hard for him so far. Hopefully I'll be saying this after December, too.

My biggest complaint with Kidd is he hasn't worn a tie all season? Does he hate ties? Is he allergic to them? I NEED ANSWERS.

Mavs fans have a fairly sour view of O.J. Mayo. How has he looked this season?

Useful. His scoring comes and goes, but his playmaking ability has been a nice surprise this season. He's doing whatever Kidd asks of him and has taken on more of a leadership role than ever before. He's been a real team player, to be honest. YOU JEALOUS?!?

Nate Wolters, because of injuries to other players, got his number of starts early last season. His numbers and turnover rate weren't bad. This season, though, he has only appeared in six games. What's going on with him?

I just think there isn't much room for him. The additions of Jerryd Bayless and Kendall Marshall have made the backcourt rotation more crowded and there just haven't been enough minutes to go around.

Do you have any tips on how to pronounce Antetokounmpo?


That's how his family pronounces it (Giannis YouTube channel). My advice is to focus on the sounds and not what you're reading on the back of his jersey. Practice that for like...10 minutes and you should be golden.

Thanks, Eric! Let us know if you get to the bottom of Kidd's wardrobe choices. Be sure to follow Eric on Twitter and head over to Brew Hoop for more on the Milwaukee Bucks.