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Mavs host Goliath, the Kraken and Supreme Leader Snoke all rolled into one (aka, the Warriors)

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Can Dallas deal Golden State their second loss?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The defending champion Golden State Warriors come to town Wednesday, for the next stop on their "embarrassing the League" tour.  As both teams wrap up 2015, I think it's safe to say that the Warriors are concluding a pretty successful calendar year. The Dallas Mavericks also play basketball.

What has Golden State done lately?

Win more often than just about any other team in the history of professional sports.

Though their point differential is actually only a little bit better than the Spurs, it's still more than good enough for best in the league, thanks to a high-powered offense that is on pace to score more points per game since any team in nearly a quarter century (the 1991 Don Nelson-coached...Golden State Warriors). Since having their record-setting win-streak snapped to a team the Dallas Mavericks just beat (which may lead to your 12-year-old cousin arguing that by the transitive property the Mavs are better than Golden State), the Dubs have rattled off five in a row, most recently crushing the Sacramento Kings 122-103 on Monday.

What will be the key stat in this game?

We'd be here a while if I was to go into all the ridiculous stats related to the Golden State offense, but perhaps the most challenging stat will be pace. The Warriors lead the league in possessions per game, and with a deep, athletic roster they are able to get up and down the floor like few teams can, without sacrificing efficiency (since they also lead the league in TS%). Almost no team can keep up with their pace, but especially not an older squad like Dallas.  Slowing the game down and limiting possessions might be their only hope.

What will be the most important matchup?

I feel dense wondering why so many really smart coaches haven't figured out a way to stop the Warriors smallball lineups. It *seems* like teams should be able to pound them inside when they put Draymond Green at center. Yet, the opposite happens, probably because Draymond Green is magic. So the key matchup will be Draymond Green vs. Anyone.  Green's 40 percent 3-point shooting and seven(!) assists per game make him one of the league's most dynamic players, and I would be at least as worried about who defends him as I would be reigning MVP Stephen Curry.

How to watch

FSSW for any Dallas locals, League Pass for the rest. The game is scheduled to get underway at 8:30 Eastern Time, 7:30 Central.