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Mavericks Analysis

Grading the Mavericks: the improved roster makes Tim Hardaway Jr. stick out like a sore thumb

The team is playing well, Hardaway is not

The Mavericks success this season hinges on how they use Tim Hardaway Jr.

When he’s hot he’s hot, but when he’s not, there needs to be a short leash

Explaining the options for Luka Dončić’s “Supermax” contract

Dallas superstar Luka Dončić’s next contract comes sooner than you might think. Here are the variations of what the Mavericks can offer.

Grading the Mavericks: Dallas is now in wait-and-see mode

The trades at the deadline have given Dallas upgrades but the cost is still to be determined

Luka Dončić exploits the NBA rule book as much as the opposing defenders in front of him

In his recent appearance on J.J. Redick’s "Old Man and the Three" podcast, Dončić identified which rule he deliberately takes advantage of in the lane.

One Standout Play from Each New Dallas Maverick

Luka’s smile said it all. The league is on notice.

Josh Green has made the case to remain a starter for the Mavericks

Green’s play on both ends of the floor has given him a legitimate case to stay in the starting lineup

The Mavericks showed at the trade deadline that they will not go quietly

Dallas continues full steam ahead in its quest to build a winner around Luka Doncic, future be damned

Roundtable: Daniel Gafford trade reactions

The staff gives their instant reactions to the first trade of the day

PJ Washington brings athleticism and versatility to the Maverick frontcourt

Dallas took a big swing by adding the 6’7" forward

What to expect from Daniel Gafford in Dallas

A quick deep-dive on what to expect from "the Landlord"

Grading the Mavericks: health is returning and so are the wins

The Mavericks have welcomed back key players and the win column in the last week and a half

The Dallas Mavericks shouldn’t make a trade at the deadline

The Mavericks don’t need to make any trades this season.

Grading the Mavericks: coaching has let this team down time and time again

Dallas needs better leadership and that means an overhaul in the coaching staff

Luka Doncic returned from injury, but his shot is still on the injured list

Doncic is still putting up historic numbers, but his jumper is off

Grading the Mavericks: the Mavericks need to stop underestimating weaker opponents

One thing about the Mavericks is true: they will be competitive every night