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2017 Free Agency

News, rumors and analysis of every signing the Mavericks make in NBA free agency.

Nerlens Noel signing the qualifying offer is bad in every way

Noel is betting on himself and taking a 1-year deal to get a max next season, and everything about it is bad.

The Nerlens Noel situation has officially become a thing

After the latest rumor dropped, it’s impossible to ignore the silence in the Noel negotiations.

Lamenting the timing of the Mavericks sudden rebuild

Dallas is on the right path now, but it’s hard not to think about how the twilight of Dirk Nowitzki’s career could have gone.

Don’t look now, but the Mavericks are building a modern NBA roster

While it’s been a quiet offseason, the small moves Dallas has made offer an intriguing look to their future.

NBA Free Agency 2017: Mavericks sign guard Maalik Wayns

Make it Wayns, baby!

The Nerlens Noel situation is driving us all crazy

Dallas still hasn’t signed its self-designated top off-season priority yet, and it’s making everyone a bit thirsty.

4 pipe-dream trade targets for the Mavericks this season

The Mavs have been very quiet lately, but what if that changes before this season’s trade deadline?

NBA Free Agency 2017: the Mavericks sign undrafted free agent PJ Dozier

Mark Cuban and Co. add another player for fall training camp.

Nerlens Noel says he’d bet on himself

Noel’s recent Instagram post makes you think he’s seeiously considering the Mavs qualifying offer.

Roundtable: What do the Mavericks have to do to get back to the playoffs?

Dallas has some young, talented players on it’s roster, but they will need to make other moves to have a shot a playoff spot in the daunted Western Conference.

Mavericks sign Gian Clavell to a partially guaranteed minimum deal, per report

Although he may not make the final roster, Dallas has apparently seen something in the former Colorado State star to give him a chance.

5 options for the Mavericks’ newly open roster spot

Dallas waived Nicolas Brussino this week, opening up a spot for a Summer League standout or cheap veteran.

Mavericks will not pick up Nico Brussino’s 2017-2018 salary, per report

It looks like Dallas has decided to move on from Brussino, opening the door for a new prospect to join the roster.

Nerlens Noel and the Mavericks are playing hardball

This summer’s market has dealt Noel a bad hand. That could be both good and bad for Dallas going forward.

Noel not happy about negotiations with Mavericks, per agent

Nearly three weeks have gone by without a deal, and it doesn’t look like one is on the horizon.

A super fun, totally plausible trade scenario for the Mavericks

The Mavs stole Nerlens Noel from Philly last season. Could they make a similar type of trade with another team this summer?

The Mavericks punting this summer doesn’t bode well for 2018

Dallas is content with saving cap space for next summer, a plan that has never gone wrong for the Mavs before.

Mark Cuban chimes in on the power shift from West to East

What is the future of the league after the recent superstar shift?

Every important Mavericks free agency rumor

Your one-stop shop for every free agency rumor involving the Mavs.

Dirk’s new deal is first Dallas domino to drop

The Big German’s new contract is another blessing for Dallas.

Mavericks to sign Dirk Nowitzki to new contract

Dirk re-signs with the Mavericks, stays #1 in our hearts.

The Mavericks should bring back Vince Carter

Dooooooo it.

The 6 most intriguing players available for the Mavericks

There are free agents left on the market that are worth taking a flier on.

The Mavericks are going to have a quiet free agency, and let’s embrace it

This should be a quiet off-season for Dallas, which is a welcome change of pace.

K.J. McDaniels could bring even more youth and athleticism to Dallas

After the Nets opted out of his contract, K.J. McDaniels could be the athletic back-up wing the Mavs need.

Ben McLemore could be the Mavericks’ shooting guard of the future

McLemore has untapped potential that Rick Carlisle would love to get his hands on.

The Mavericks’ best free agent options at every position

The Mavericks still have some roster holes, but don’t expect fireworks this summer.

Rockets trade for Mavs' DeAndre Liggins — and some guy named Chris Paul

NBA Free Agency doesn’t even officially begin until July 1, and deals are already flying around.

Mavs decline Dirk’s option, hinting he could play beyond this season

Dirk might play until he’s 50 at this point

Mavs to sign Baylor forward Johnathan Motley, per report

Dallas is getting the athletic big man from right down the road in Waco.