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2017 Draft

News, rumors and analysis about who the Mavericks will pick in the NBA Draft.

Mavericks are winning more since Mark Cuban’s tanking comments

What in the world?

Winners and Losers of the Dallas Mavericks’ offseason

The summer is coming to an end, and we had some winners and took some L’s.

Dennis Smith Jr. will be Rookie of the Year, according to rookie survey

DSJ has been an open gym highlight reel all summer, and his fellow rookies are buying all the hype!

Dennis Smith, Jr. was easily the best dressed draftee

I won’t hear any arguments to the contrary.

2017 NBA Draft: Dallas Mavericks report card

The general consensus is that Mavericks fans love their new point guard. National draft pundits seem to agree.

Undrafted players the Mavericks should look at

The Mavericks look to strike gold again

In selecting Dennis Smith Jr., the Mavericks finally took the draft seriously

This time it mattered, and Dallas didn’t disappoint.

Quoteboard from Mavericks draft headquarters

Here’s what Rick Carlisle, Michael Finley, Donnie Nelson and Dennis Smith, Jr. had to say after the draft.

The Mavericks finally got their guy in Dennis Smith, Jr.

Dallas has been searching for a star since they broke up the title team. They might have drafted one on Thursday night.

Dennis Smith Jr. ushers in a new era for the Dallas Mavericks

In last night’s draft, the Mavericks selected a player with true star potential. That’s not a sentence I’ve ever written.

Grading the Mavericks’ 2017 draft pick

Dallas got their point guard in the NC State freshman Dennis Smith Jr.

Mavericks select Dennis Smith Jr. with ninth pick

Dallas just got a lot more explosive and a lot more fun.

Should Dallas select Frank Ntilikina or Dennis Smith, Jr?

Both are rumored to have the Mavericks’ eye, so MMB staff writers face off to make the case for each.

Every Mavericks rumor, 2017 NBA Draft edition

With the draft coming up, rumors are starting to fly about which teams will select who.

Could Jeff Teague be a better free agent option for Dallas than Jrue Holiday?

Recent rumors indicate that the Mavs are looking hard at Holiday, but there are other point guard options out there.

A minute-by-minute analysis of Dallas’ roster holes

Projecting next season’s rotations down to the minute shows what the Mavericks should focus on in the draft and in free agency.

Dirk Nowitzki does not think the Mavericks will draft Lauri Markkanen

Dirk likes the kid, but doesn’t see a fit in Dallas.

Dennis Smith Jr.’s skillset would serve the Mavs well — if he can learn to lead

Smith could help Dallas immediately as they grow from a younger core.

De’Aaron Fox is the star the Mavs need

Fox is projected to be a top-five pick, but he would help Dallas tremendously, both now and in the future.

MMB Draft Big Board post-lottery update

Where do the prospects stack up after the combine?

The Mavericks don’t need to draft a point guard this summer

Dallas obviously has a need for a lead guard, but grabbing a big forward makes just as much sense.

As expected, the Mavs will be picking ninth in the 2017 NBA Draft

After hoping for an unlikely jump into the top three, Dallas will have to settle for the No. 9 pick in this year’s draft.

What if the Mavs won the lottery?

They almost certainly won’t, but what if they do?

Basketball Gods, please send Malik Monk to the Mavs

Monk is the Mavs’ best possible option (outside of winning the lottery, obviously)

Only attitude could hold A.J. Hammons back

The ex-Purdue 7-footer is now a Dallas Maverick. What should you know about him?

This stream has:

Mavs select A.J. Hammons

With their one draft pick, No. 46 overall, Dallas has snagged a quality backup big man out of Purdue.

Come hang out during 2016 Mavs Draft

You know you wanna.

All-decade team of Mavericks draft snubs

Obviously, not every draft pick will work out, but Dallas could have changed the franchise if they had selected differently these past few years.

7 first round trade up targets for the Mavs

As it stands, the Mavs hold only the 46th pick.

4 second round possibilities for the Mavs

Another batch of players Dallas has brought in and may be looking at in the second round

4 second round picks for Dallas

These guys have worked out for Dallas; will one of them be drafted at pick #46?

Anderson represents a shift in Mavs draft culture

When the Mavericks selected the Virginia forward with the 21st pick on Thursday night, it signaled perhaps a much-wanted change in the Mavs front-office views of the draft.