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Mavericks Scores

3 things from the Mavericks disastorious 120-116 loss to the 76ers

Dallas looks flat in an ugly home loss

3 things from a Dallas Mavericks loss to the Boston Celtics, 138-110

The Mavericks fall to the Celtics to cap off a long road trip.

NBA Standings Watch: How the Mavericks can move up this week

Tonight’s game against the Celtics is the start of a key week for the Mavericks

4 observations from a bounce-back Dallas win in Toronto, 136-125

Can’t keep a good man down

2 thoughts after Dallas loses a heartbreaker to Cleveland, 121-119

A Max Strus buzzer beater leaves Dallas shocked

5 bad omens from an ugly streak-snapping loss for the Mavericks at Indiana, 133-111

Too many Mavs had an off day on the same day. We move.

3 thoughts from a Dallas Mavericks win over the Phoenix Suns, 123-113

The Mavericks grabbed a crucial win in the race to avoid the play-in tournament.

Stats Rundown: 4 numbers that put the Mavericks over the top in a 116-93 win over the Spurs

One team had Kyrie Irving. The other did not.

3 thoughts from a Dallas Mavericks win over the San Antonio Spurs, 116-93

The Mavericks head into the break on a six-game winning streak.

Stats rundown: 3 numbers from a Dallas Mavericks win over the Washington Wizards

The Mavericks took down the lowly Wizards in Dallas.

3 things after Dallas notches a comeback victory over Washington 112-104

It’s a five pack — the Mavericks first five-game winning streak of the season

3 things from Dallas dominating Oklahoma City 146-111

The new-look Mavericks took the Thunder to the woodshed

5 weird things happened in the Mavericks’ 122-108 deadline-day win at the New York Knicks

Luka had another masterful performance amid all the deadline-day distractions

3 observations from a satisfying 119-107 win in Brooklyn

The dynamic duo for Dallas did it again

3 things from a crucial Dallas win over Philadelphia, 118-102

Dallas has precious little time to build some positive momentum before the All-Star Break, and they did so tonight.

2 thoughts after Dallas loses 25-point lead to Milwaukee and falls 129-117

Dallas built an early lead but slowly crumbed in a frustrating home loss to the Bucks

3 things as the Dallas Mavericks lose to the Minnesota Timberwolves 121-87

A heavily depleted Mavericks team puts up the best fight it could against the West’s best

2 huge hurdles the Mavericks overcame in their tense 131-129 win over the Orlando Magic

Let’s call this one a feel-good win because Dallas really needed a feel-good win.

Stats rundown: 3 numbers from a Dallas Mavericks loss to the Sacramento Kings

A tired Mavericks team couldn’t keep up with the Kings.

4 thoughts from a hard-fought loss to Sacramento

A furious rally wasn’t quite enough

Stats Rundown: Three stats to know as the Dallas Mavericks defeat the Atlanta Hawks 148-143

The Mavericks got things done in Atlanta as Luka Doncic had a career night

One deep thought after Luka Doncic makes history in a 148-143 win against the Hawks

Doncic’s historic performance drags the Mavericks into the win column

One long thought after the Dallas Mavericks embarrass themselves against the Suns, 132-109

Mavericks gets crushed at home for the second straight game

Stats Rundown: 3 stats to know from the Mavericks embarrassing 132-109 loss to the Suns

The Mavericks can make excuses, but they quit

3 things from the Mavericks’ loss to the Celtics, 119-110

Even catching Boston on a back-to-back didn’t tilt things enough in Dallas’ favor to manage a win

Stats Rundown: 3 numbers from a Dallas Mavericks loss to the Los Angeles Lakers

The Mavericks got outplayed by the Lakers Wednesday night.

3 painful self-inflicted wounds from the Dallas Mavericks’ 127-110 loss at the Los Angeles Lakers

And one bright spot from a bad night in La La Land.

Stats Rundown: 3 stats to know from the Mavericks 125-120 victory over the Pelicans

The Mavericks won and lost this game multiple times, but it turned out to be a really fun game

3 thoughts from the Mavericks 118-108 loss to the Pelicans

The Mavericks simply were not good enough to win

5 big-time developments from the Mavericks’ big-time win over the New York Knicks, 128-124

Face it. At this point in the season, the Mavs might just be good.

Mavericks vs Knicks Preview: The homestand continues with New York coming to Dallas

The Luka-less Mavericks try to notch a win

3 thoughts after Dallas loses to Memphis at home, 120-103

Drunk on a season-best victory, Dallas played mostly hungover