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Mavericks Trade Rumors

Kyle Kuzma reportedly turned down trade to the Mavericks

Dallas apparently had a deal in place for Kuzma, but Washington’s GM gave him the final call

Why was Spencer Dinwiddie at Thursday’s Mavericks-Knicks game?

The Mavs and the Lakers are reportedly two of the teams who will try to sign Dinwiddie in the buyout market after Thursday’s NBA Trade Deadline.

Roundtable: Daniel Gafford trade reactions

The staff gives their instant reactions to the first trade of the day

PJ Washington brings athleticism and versatility to the Maverick frontcourt

Dallas took a big swing by adding the 6’7" forward

Dallas Mavericks to trade for Washington Wizards Daniel Gafford

Gafford provides the Mavericks with much needed depth at center

SB Reacts: Dallas Mavericks fans are very sure the team is going to make a trade

But what that trade move is? We’ll have to wait and see

The Mavericks could learn a lot from the Golden State Warriors

The Mavericks would like you to believe they are operating on two timelines. It’s clear that’s not the case.

What draft picks can the Dallas Mavericks trade?

Explaining what draft capital the Mavericks can move, if they choose to do so, before the NBA trade deadline

SB Reacts: The Dallas Mavericks and the trade deadline

What do we think the Mavericks are going to do?

The Dallas Mavericks shouldn’t make a trade at the deadline

The Mavericks don’t need to make any trades this season.

Why the Mavericks should hold onto Josh Green as the NBA trade deadline nears

Is Good Josh Green back? His last month has been a breath of fresh air as his name has been bandied about as a trade chip.

Potential Mavericks’ trade targets we’re hearing about after the Pascal Siakam bubble burst

A dark-horse option begins to materialize. Might sitting on their hands be the savviest move of all for the Mavs?