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MMB Championship Week

Our week-long series looking back at the Mavericks winning the NBA title in 2011.

An ode to Jason Terry

Jason Terry wasn't always beloved by the Mavericks fanbase -- but the 2011 Championship run changed that for good.

The hard is what makes it great

Basketball is viewed as entertainment, but sometimes, it's more than that.

Fan Fiction Friday: The Poison Game

We at Mavs Moneyball discovered the real cause behind Dirk's "sick game" in the finals.

How not to fall in love

One of these days I really need to pick a team that hasn't just reached the top.

The Mavs championship and my worst hangover

Everyone has their own way to celebrate...

Dirk's invisible Finals opponent

Dirk fought against more than just the Heat to get to his Championship. He had to fight himself, too.

Shepherding greatness: Rick Carlisle in 2010-11

An assembly of veteran talent needed a brilliant coach to guide them to the championship.

Statsketball: Champ Week and Dallas' Offense

A look at what made the Mavericks Championship team statistically unique

Shawn Marion releases "I'm a Champion" single

Have you ever wanted to hear Shawn Marion rap the line "like Neo, welcome to the Matrix?" Well, now you can.

Share your Mavs Championship memories

We've been sharing ours with you this week. Here's a place where you can do the same.

The night Corey Brewer saved the Mavericks

Dallas wasn't supposed to beat the Lakers. Corey Brewer never got that memo.

Going to the movies with the Mavericks and Blazers

The Mavericks re-wrote their playoffs script while I finished an era (of sorts) of my own.

The Single Greatest Night Of My Life

Honestly, it would have been better if you all had been there with me.

Step-by-step guide to watching a Finals video

Here is the must-see NBA Finals video, and we'll help you get started with all the instructions you need (and plenty that you don't).

Dominant juggernaut or dark horse?

Most people remember the championship team as the team that rallied from the Portland series to win it all, but that wasn't the only Dallas Mavericks team worth remembering from that season.

Mavs Moneyball introduces Championship Week

A letter from the editor regarding our week-long feature starting on Monday.