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MMB Free Agency Coverage

The Mavericks offseason was a big success, though questions remain

Dallas did most of their damage through the draft and trade markets, although their free agency attempts appeared a bit lackluster.

MMB After Dark: Free Agency Continues

Dallas signs Wes Iwundu and Willie Cauley-Stein too

Willie Cauley-Stein signs with the Dallas Mavericks, per Shams Charania

He’s back for two years and $8.2 million

Dallas Mavericks sign Wes Iwundu, per Shams Charania

The former Magic small forward heads to Dallas.

Roundtable: Free agency wheeling and dealing

Late night moves and early morning reactions

MMB After Dark: Free agency free for all

A three team trade just after midnight

Dallas Mavericks trade for James Johnson in sprawling multi-team trade; Justin Jackson, Delon Wright sent out

Check back as more details emerge with this wild trade.

Dallas Mavericks sign Trey Burke, per Marc Stein

Three years, $10 million.

NBA 2020 Free Agency Open Thread

If you need a place to discuss the evening’s events

NBA Free Agency: How the Mavericks are filling their depth chart

The Mavericks made a statement at the start of their offseason, and now have some flexibility moving forward.

NBA Free Agency: Danilo Gallinari would make instant impact with the Mavericks

The sharpshooting forward is hitting the market, and the Mavericks may have their sights set.

NBA Free Agency: Paul Millsap is a useful veteran

The Denver big man could fill many gaps in dallas

2020 Free Agency: Would a Jae Crowder homecoming work?

Do you think the wing deserves another shot in Dallas?

2020 Free Agency: Bogdan Bogdanovic would give the Mavericks even more offense

Adding a shooter is always a good idea. You can never have enough!

The Mavericks are in a good place, no matter what happens this week

Dallas got to this point by moving picks and players. It’s limiting now, but absolutely worth it.

2020 Free Agency: Jerami Grant is an impossible dream

What’s the point of being a sports fan if we don’t dream now and then? Grant is an ideal frontcourt fit.

2020 Free Agency: The Mavericks need more players like Joe Harris

With the Mavericks looking to shore up their wing position, Harris would be a great fit in a lethal offense.

2020 NBA Free Agency: Gordon Hayward is still good, but he’s a risk

The Boston forward has struggled with injuries the last two seasons, but he offers an intriguing fit if the Mavericks are convinced he can help.

Every Mavericks free agency rumor

It’s that time of year. Here’s our regularly updated post with Mavs off-season rumors.

5 sneaky moves Mavericks should consider during free agency

Could these signings make Dallas a title contender by giving them even more depth?

Report: Knicks targeting Mavericks’ free agent Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

New York sees him as a valuable wing defender.

Roundtable: Assessing the off-season, part three

Even more thoughts from the staff on how free agency went

Here’s where the Mavericks stand in the fallout of the Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard signing

With Danny Green to the Lakers, Dallas better have a backup plan.

Danny Green picks the Lakers after Clippers acquire Kawhi Leonard, Paul George

The Mavericks main free agent target is headed to Los Angeles after a shocking turn of events has Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to the other LA team.

So far the Mavericks’ offseason has provided more questions than answers

A quiet start to free agency makes one wonder what the plan is in Dallas.

Expectations should have been low as the Mavericks entered free agency

Once again, free agency is more of the same from the Mavericks.

Mavs Moneyball Podcast, Episode 25: What the Hell are the Mavs Doing?

Josh and Kirk put on their ranting pants to go off on the Mavericks embarrassing first day of free agency.

Every Mavericks free agency rumor

It’s that time of year. Here's our regularly updated post with Mavs off-season rumors.

LOL NEVER MIND: Deal between the Mavericks and Heat reportedly dead

SCRATCH THAT. Mavericks aren’t getting anyone, this trade never happened

The Mavs Moneyball Podcast, Episode 24: 2019 Free Agency Preview

We’re days away from free agency officially beginning, so Kirk Henderson joins the show to go over all the takes, all the angles and all the options for the Mavericks this summer.

Kemba Walker would give the Mavericks a new Big 3

The recently named All-NBA guard possesses a lot of skills needed to play next to Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis.

Like a long lost love, it’s time for the Mavericks to reconnect with Al-Farouq Aminu

How r u, Al?