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MMB Midseason Roundtable, part 4/4: The second half looms

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

7) One word you think will describe this second half, and why.

Andy: Frustrating. Not necessarily in a bad way. It’s hard to imagine the Mavs just emerging as a suddenly excellent team, as if from the head of Zeus, but it’s not that hard to imagine them winning 60% or more of their remaining games. We’re either going to be frustrated when that doesn’t happen, or frustrated that they were already in such a hole when they started playing well, probably. That’s being a sports fan though.

Alan: Climb. It's an uphill battle back into the playoff picture, and if Dallas has any shot it needs to start now.

Kirk: Frustrating. I think the team will play well and win often. But given the first half hole they got themselves into by being unable to close out games, the Mavericks will probably be on the outside looking in at the 9th or 10th spot in the West.

Tim: Struggle. The hole the Mavericks have dug themselves is significant enough that they can't just give up on a night where they don't have their best stuff. Every game, every quarter has to be a struggle, and only if they do so can they reasonably expect a playoff spot.

8) Give me a bold 2nd half prediction.

Andy: The Mavericks win a playoff series! (Probably not, but I think the Mavs actually do game-plan better for good teams than bad teams with nothing to lose).

Alan: Dallas will make a somewhat major trade for a big man.

Kirk: Dirk has a game with 10 assists. Not known for his passing, Dirk has been excellent this far in moving the ball to his open teammates. I think he has a game where he racks up 10 assists simply because he's playing with offensive minded guys who can make shots. Probably not the boldest preduction, but I'm also willing to bet you can count the 10 assist games Dirk has had on one hand.

Tim: Elton Brand will have a 20/20 game. His post game has fully recovered from it's sickness (prematurely called fatal) and his rebounding has picked up as well. He's going to have a game where it all comes together beautifully.