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2018 NBA Draft

Getting to know new Dallas Maverick Luka Doncic

Let’s learn a little more about the personality of the Mavericks new wonder boy.

The Mavericks discuss their second round picks

Overshadowed by Doncic, the Mavs made some quality picks in the second round of the draft.

With Luka Doncic, the Mavericks finally have more answers than questions

By trading up for the European phenom, the Mavericks don’t have to worry about fit, talent or potential — they just found their guy.

Luka Dončić unlikely to play in Las Vegas Summer League

This makes sense considering just how much basketball he’s played the last few years

The Dallas Mavericks draft report cards

Our Mavericks get a refrigerator worthy report card from media outlets.

The Mavericks lock in a foundational piece in Luka Dončić

It actually happened, but what does it mean for the Mavericks?

The Mavs Moneyball Podcast, Episode 7: The Luka Doncic celebration!

Holy hell, the Mavericks drafted Luke Doncic! THAT HAPPENED. In this glorious episode recorded just hours after Doncic’s name was called, Josh Bowe and Kirk Henderson celebrate the Mavericks newfound life and possibilities with the European sensation.

Twitter reacts to the Mavericks trading for Luka Doncic

All the best tweets from the Draft from around the internet.

Mavericks trade back, select Ray Spalding and Kostas Antetokounmpo

Dallas moves pick #54 to draft a pair of big men late in the second round

Mavericks select Jalen Brunson with the 33rd pick

The Villanova point guard will be a Maverick

This stream has:

Mavericks trade up to select Doncic: all our coverage

Dallas got the number one player on their board — and a potential heir to Dirk — and we’re all freaking out.

Mavs trade up to third; get a franchise-changing player in Luka Doncic


Discuss the Dallas Mavericks as they make a franchise-changing pick!

Pencils down; it’s finally time. The Mavericks will make their highest draft pick in forever tonight.

It’s time to go ‘all in’ for Luka Doncic

Let’s raise the stakes. He’s that good.

Adrian Wojnarowski: Dallas targeting third pick in NBA Draft

The ESPN NBA Insider dropped another clue about the Mavericks’ attempts to snag Luka Dončić.

The fake Mavericks traded for an additional first round pick in the SB Nation Blogger Mock

The "Mavericks" swing for the fences with some great fake trades

5 ways for Mavericks fans to stay sane during draft week

In a week of madness we will bring you through the other side with your head in tact.

Adrian Wojnarowski: Mavericks have sights set on Luka Doncic

During an ESPN show on Monday night, the ESPN NBA insider said the Mavs have targeted Doncic and are weighing whether they can trade up or get him at five.

Mohammed Bamba vs. Michael Porter Jr. is a very real NBA draft debate

Unless some shenanigans happen, the Mavericks will likely be deciding between two prospects with lots of potential but just as many question marks.

Luka Doncic could still be in play for the Mavericks at five

Doncic appears to be falling right into the Mavericks outstretched arms.

Miles Bridges is a proven player ready for the next level

Miles Bridges surprised many when he returned to school, but enters the lottery a proven commodity.

Second round big men worth talking about for the Mavs

If the Mavericks go wing with their first round selection, does it make sense to grab a big with pick 33?

Wendell Carter Jr. may be the draft’s most underrated player

The "other" Duke big man flew under the radar a bit but is as well-rounded as any of the draft’s top center prospects

Mikal Bridges is what every NBA team can’t have enough of

In a positionless, wing-heavy NBA, the Mavericks have a huge hole to fill and Bridges might be the perfect fit

Battle of the bigs: Jackson or Bagley?

On the wild chance that both talented bigs fall out of the top four, our experts take a deep look at which they’d like to draft more

Debating what the Mavericks should give up to get Luka Dončić

If Luka Dončić gets passed up by a team or two in this month’s draft, the Mavericks could consider trading up to grab him.

Between two Bridges: which player is a better draft pick for the Mavs?

Our college diehards debate the two lottery bound forwards who share the same last name.

NBA Mock Draft round up: Bamba or Jackson Jr. could be the Mavs’ pick

Most major outlets think Dallas is set on picking one guy.

NBA Draft 2018: The Mavericks and Mo Bamba is a bet on the future that could pay off

Big man Mo Bamba’s prospects in the NBA are wide ranging, and it may take time to watch it play out.

Michael Porter Jr. is a big gamble, but could yield big rewards

The Missouri product is perhaps the draft’s biggest boom or bust prospect. Is he too risky to take at 5, though?

So many wings, so many choices for the Mavericks’ 33rd pick

Our draft aficionados continue their lengthy discussion about options for the 33rd pick

How Ayton, Doncic or Bagley could end up on the Mavericks

It’s improbable but here are a few ways the Mavericks could be in position to select one of the top 3 names in the NBA Draft