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Pod Maverick

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks push past Toronto Raptors, 136-125

Dallas gets a much needed roach win

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks fall to Indiana Pacers, 133-111

Podcast: Mavericks outlast Suns, 123-113

Dallas beats the Suns for their 7th straight win

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks defeat San Antonio Spurs, 116-93

The Mavericks are riding high with six straight wins

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks overcome Washington Wizards, 112-104

The Dallas Mavericks played an ugly game and won anyway. We talk about it for Pod Maverick

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks crush Oklahoma City Thunder, 146-111

Podcast: Trade Deadline! And Dallas Mavericks defeat New York Knicks, 122-108

Dallas gets a win on the road after making some impact trades

Podcast: Dallas defeats Brooklyn, 119-102

Dallas wins their second straight game

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks defeat Philadelphia 76ers, 118-102

Dallas welcomes back Kyrie Irving and gets a win

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks lose to Milwaukee Bucks, 129-117

Listen to us recap and ugly loss to the Bucks

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks hold off Orlando Magic, 131-129

Mavericks finally get a home win that had been eluding them

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks crumble to Phoenix Suns, 132-109

Dallas loses again, we talk about it on a live show

Podcast: Mavericks beat Wizards on the road, 130-117

Dallas gets back to their winning ways in Washington DC

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks blow out Los Angeles Clippers, 144-126

A heck of a bounce-back win for Dallas

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks dismiss Orlando Magic, 117-102

Audio and video talking about the nice Dallas win

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks defeat Chicago Bulls, 114-105

The Dallas Mavericks improve to 4-0 on the year

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks outscore Memphis Grizzlies, 125-110

Dallas is off to a 3-0 start for the first time since 2004-05

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks survive Brooklyn Nets, 125-120

Dallas manages to outscore a tough Nets team

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks beat San Antonio Spurs, 126-119

What a great way for the Dallas Mavericks to start the season

Podcast: A week in Dallas Mavericks news

Grant Williams, Dereck Lively, Luka Doncic, Josh Green, and a more gets discussed

Podcast: Preseason games! More player reviews, including Tim Hardaway and Josh Green

Also talking about Grant Williams, Dante Exum, and Dwight Powell

Podcast: Jason Kidd on the rookies, Casey Smith news, and some player previews

Podcast: More World Cup with Luka Doncic and mailbag questions

This one was recorded before Slovenia fell to Canada

Podcast: JaVale McGee waived, FIBA World Cup ahead, the NBA schedule release, and more

There’s a lot of Dallas Mavericks news to talk about during what’s usually a dead period!

Podcast: Dallas Mavericks Summer League and Free Agency wrap up

The last podcast of substance, barring any news, before summer sets in

Podcast: Reacting to the Mavericks 2023 NBA Draft

Dallas did things! We talked about it!

Podcast: Final thoughts before the 2023 NBA Draft

Mavs Moneyball contributor Logan Thompson joins the show to give some final thoughts 48 hours before the Mavericks pick at 10.

Podcast: Richard Stayman aka MavsDraft talks Dallas Mavericks draft and more

A wide-ranging show covering a lot more than just the Dallas Mavericks

Podcast: Kevin O’Connor of the Ringer talks NBA Draft

Podcast: Kyrie Irving reportedly reached out to LeBron James about joining him on the Dallas Mavericks

Podcast: Trade the pick or use it, Dallas Mavericks news, and Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving reviews

Kirk and Josh talk about the last week in Dallas basketball

Podcast: NBA Draft daydreaming about the Dallas Mavericks

With Dallas having a small chance, we talk about a ton of different guys depe