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Name every 10+ Mavs scorer since 2000

Sporcle quiz for your afternoon.

None of us predicted the Mavs' starting 5. We suck

That was a failed experiment. Man!

Name every Maverick who has scored 15+ in a season

Today's Sporcle quiz makes you dig deep into the history books.

Grade the Mavericks' draft night

What do you think of Dallas' first and second round selections?

Sunday Sporcle: top 100 playoff performers

Hey, there's a ton of Mavericks on this quiz.

Predicting Mavs Rockets with Oregon Trail

This is a terrible idea.

Who is your preferred first round matchup?

Just a simple poll here.

What is your favorite loony Kings idea?


Mavericks starting 5 travel the Oregon Trail

Do Rondo, Monta, Parsons, Dirk and Tyson have what it takes to get to Oregon City? Let's find out.

The 12 biggest Maverick stories of 2014

Before we tumble too far into 2015, let's take a look back at all the fun things that happened to the Mavericks in 2014.

Poll: Who won the Rondo trade?

Who won December? The Mavericks or the Celtics?

We make 2015 Dallas Maverick fan resolutions

As a site we resolve to write more articles that relate Taylor Swift to Mavs basketball.

The 2015 encyclopedia of the AAC

We focus on the sports being played at the AAC, but what about everything else?

Christmas songs with Dallas Maverick lyrics

Because every holiday songs needs a basketball spin.

We got Christmas presents for all the Mavs

Those millionaires just don't have enough gifts!

Rondo fit right in as a Mav in NBA 2K game

We played a game of 2K to see how Rondo would fit in with the Mavs, because video games are the only way to truly predict something.

Poll: Grade the Mavericks trade for Rondo

Let's hear what you think!

Poll: Point guard swap?

Brandon Knight has been playing well this year, but would you give up any part of the Mavericks backcourt for him?

Quiz: Consecutive winning seasons for a franchise

Happy quizzing!

Poll: Bringing back the buzz?

The purple and teal look is back in Charlotte for the first time since 2002. What do Mavs fans think of the rebrand?

The 5 most ridiculous stats from Mavs-Sixers

In the most lopsided game in franchise history, Dallas beat Philadelphia 123-70. Here's some more ridiculous numbers from that game.

Poll: Would you rather have Parsons or Hayward?

Chandler Parsons and Gordon Hayward both scored pretty nice contracts over the offseason, but who's the better deal?

Get Social: Must follows For Mavs fans

Join the conversation on Twitter. Start with this Mavericks must-follow list.

Poll: Who will lead opening night scoring?

So many choiiiiiceeeesssss.

Guess the highest draft pick on each NBA roster

A good break for your afternoon. Give it a try!

Poll: Biggest concern for the season?

After two preseason games, what do you see as the biggest holes on this year's Mavericks?

The Mavs totally won Twitter last night...

...which means we're really all winners here.

Quiz: Which NBA players had the most dunks

Today's Sporcle quiz will have you guess the top 50 dunkers of the 2013-14 season.

Gallery: Photos from media day

We take you behind the scenes with lots of pixels.

Poll: Most likely to make the final roster?

The Mavericks head into training camp with a roster of 19. Only 15 will survive.

Quiz: Guess the double-digit scoring Mavericks

A Sporcle quiz for your Friday afternoon.

Where's Reunion Tower?

Reunion Tower reacts to being left out of the skyline on the jersey Mark Cuban showed off on Tuesday.