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Mavs Moneyball Tournaments

All MMB Tournaments, such as our Dirk Game Winners Tourney.

2011 Finals Game 6 vs. 2011 semis Game 4

Winning the championship vs. beating the Lakers in four games. Both important games, but one's gotta win it.

2011 Semis Game 4 vs. 2011 WCF Game 4

Both Game 4s but very, very different in their execution.

2006 Semis Game 7 vs. 2014 first round Game 3

Two legendary wins against the Spurs that will go down in Mavericks lore, but only one can advance.

2011 Finals Game 6 vs. 2011 Semifinals Game 1

A couple of 2011 classics.

2011 Finals Game 2 vs. 2011 Finals Game 4

Dirk at his best and Dirk at his worst which is still also his best.

(7) 2011 Finals Game 4 vs. (10) 2001 1st rd Game 5

A couple games separated by a decade.

(8) 2006 WCF Game 6 vs. (9) 2011 WCF Game 1

A couple of Western Conference Finals showdowns.

(6) 2014 1st rd Game 3 vs (11) 2005 1st rd Game 7

Something old and something new.

(5) 2011 Finals Game 5 vs. (12) 2011 WCF Game 4

2011 had a lot of great games.

(3) 2006 semis Game 7 vs. (14) 2006 semis Game 3

2011 wasn't the only year the Mavs had some playoffs gems.

2011 Finals Game 4 vs. 2003 WCSF Game 3

We're finally going back into the archives.

(2) 2011 Finals Game 2 vs. (15) 2011 WCF Game 5

Another couple of 2011 classics for your consideration.

(1) 2011 Finals Game 6 vs. (16) 2011 Semis Game 1

Two 2011 playoffs classics. However will you choose?

Vote for your favorite Mavs playoff games

We're trying to narrow down the best Mavericks playoff games and you can help!

Finals Dirk is Dirk's greatest hair style

The people have spoken.

(1) Beard Dirk vs. (3) Finals Dirk

The final showdown is here, featuring a couple versions of Dirk that let it all go in the best possible way.

(2) Surfer Dirk vs. (3) Finals Dirk

Two signature looks move on into head-to-head competition.

(1) Beard Dirk vs. (5) Chin Patch Dirk

The No. 1 seed moves on to face Chin Patch Dirk, he earned a mild upset in the first round.

The Dirk Hair Tournament: which was greatest?

The most important thing you will do over the NBA All Star Break is vote in this tournament.

(4) Bowl Dirk vs. (5) Chin Patch Dirk

Wacky vs. wacky.

(3) Finals Dirk vs. (6) Buzz Cut Dirk

Can a militant German haircut keep up with the unkempt, wild look Dirk sported as he won it all?

(2) Surfer Dirk vs. (7) Mature Dirk

The lower seed has memories, but can it match the glory of long, flowing, golden locks?

(1) Beard Dirk vs. (8) Olympics Dirk

Surely the No. 1 seed cannot be touched this early, right?

DGWT has a winner

The last match-up was a voting blowout, but I hope we all had fun with this two-week tournament.

DGWT: (1) Game 2 Layup vs. (2) Game 7 layup

Just like the two top teams reached the NBA Finals, our match-up is between the two best shots of the Dirk Game Winners Tourney. It all ends here!

DGWT: (2) Game 7 layup vs. (6) Layup and the foul

THAT Dirk layup over Manu Ginobili goes up against two Hall of Fame power forwards squaring off, and one clearly taking the upper hand with a ridiculous layup.

DGWT: (1) Game 2 Layup vs. (4) Chicago 3-pointer

The layup that completed the epic comeback against Miami in the NBA Finals versus the 3-pointer that proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Dirk was still a force to be reckoned with last season.

DGWT: (1) Game 2 layup vs. (9) Crazy bank shot

That layup has to be the first seed. It's iconic. It's historic. It's everything great about Dirk Nowitzki. And then there's no. 9, and that shot's degree of difficulty might be the highest of the tourney.

DGWT: (3) 3-pointer response vs. (6) And-1 layup

Deron gets a crazy bank shot off glass, and then Dirk is all like, "not so fast there, Utah." And then this and-1 layup against KG is bonkers, especially since Garnett is fouling him from the moment Dirk catches the ball.

DGWT: (2) Game 7 layup vs. (7) Doesn't miss twice

Neither are technically game winners, but both were too iconic to leave off. There's Dirk's famous and-1 layup against the Spurs and then there's the 3-pointer that propelled the Mavericks past the Thunder into the Finals.

DGWT: (4) Bulls comeback vs. (12) Pull-up J

We all remember the team that wouldn't die last year, despite the starting back court's best efforts. That 3-pointer was fantastic. The next game winner is a simple shot, but has a better backstory.

DGWT: (3) The 3-point answer vs. (14) Sorry, Kaman

In one of Dirk's more famous game winners, he buries a 3-pointer after Utah inexplicably leaves him open. The second shot goes way back to 2006, where Dirk drops a game winner over his future teammate Chris Kaman.