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Mavs Moneyball Tournaments

All MMB Tournaments, such as our Dirk Game Winners Tourney.

DGWT: (2) Game 7 layup vs. (15) Overtime winner

Is the layup technically a game winner? Nah, but whatever. It might be the most iconic shot of Dirk's career and we just couldn't leave it off. The other is a fun shot, earning Dirk redemption from a poor shooting night.

DGWT: (6) And-1 layup vs. (11) Awkward bounce ftw

This ridiculous layup by Dirk is bonkers as the no. 6 seed. Facing it is Dirk's most recent game winner and buzzer beater: against the Knicks, at the Garden, with an awkward bounce.

DGWT: (7) Doesn't miss twice vs. (10) Can't stop J

Not technically a game winner, but the first contestant is one of the most memorable sequences of the 2011 title run. Next up is a ridiculous turnaround jumper that is just so, so Dirk.

DGWT: (1) Game 2 layup vs. (16) Dirk beats Spain

The first seeded Dirk layup in Game 7 against the Spurs takes on a lesser known but still impressive shot in its own rights.

DGWT: (5) Gets the bounce vs. (12) Pull-up J

"HE GETS THE BOUNCE. HE GOT HE BOUNCE," screamed Followill, a call that I am happy to have heard live. The mob scene is just as great. The other game winner is a simple shot, but has a better backstory.

DGWT: (8) Ties playoff series vs. (9) Bank shot

One one hand, you have a clutch playoff game winner. On the other, you have a shot that nobody else in the history of the NBA could hit.

DGWT: (4) Bulls comeback vs. (13) Stepback winner

We all remember the team that wouldn't die last year, despite the starting back court's best efforts. That 3-pointer was fantastic. On the other side, there's a beautiful step-back winner against Indiana.

Dirk Game Winners Tourney: We have a winner!

This was fun. Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as we did!