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Unsung Wins From the 2011 Playoffs

A special look at the wins during the Mavericks championship run that don't always make the highlight reels.

The Mavericks defense was the under-discussed key to the 2011 championship and Game 4 against the Heat showed it

As time passes, the 2011 team is remembered for their firepower and three point shooting. The defense was equally crucial.

Dirk Nowitzki could not be denied during the Mavericks Game 3 slug-fest against the Thunder in 2011

A miserable shooting performance for most of the night didn’t matter. As was the theme during the 2011 run, Dirk showed up when it mattered.

The Mavericks were no longer an underdog after thumping the Lakers in Game 2 of the 2011 series

After squeaking by Game 1, the Mavericks left nothing to chance in Game 2 against the Lakers back in 2011. The Mavs team that looked like world-beaters in the regular season were back.

The Mavericks were absolutely nasty against the Trail Blazers to take control of the 2011 series

Dallas shed a lot of stereotypes after rough-housing Portland after a massive meltdown in Game 4.